TeekiBoutique is the #1 source for authentic Teeki tops and leggings.

At TeekiBoutique.com we aim to keep the prayers alive, singing and dancing for generations to come. For many years we have been teeki fans and lovers. We have traveled with teeki as a brand and a community of high vibe, fun loving people, doing yoga, dancing, swimming and exploring. teeki is the innovator of the recycled plastic water bottle printed legging, each print and pant blessed with a prayer for inspiration. The brand has a heart and soul that is eternally fun and inspires women to feel pretty, free and Love the Earth!

We invite you to explore the treasure trove of all the magical mystical realms of everything Teeki...
— Teeki Boutique

Teeki Boutique is an authorized retailer and manufacturer of the Teeki branded product. Privately managed we are not associated with teeki.com or the ponycorral.com